European Council of National Associations of Independent Schools Független Iskolák Nemzeti Szövetségeinek Európai Tanácsa Az ECNAIS nem politikai, nem vallási, nemzetközi szövetség. Az európai országok független iskoláinak nemzeti szövetségei közötti […]

Eurydice The Eurydice Network provides information on and analyses of European education systems and policies. As of 2014 it consists of 40 national units based in 36 countries participating in […]

Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2012

The independent schools are significant players providing diversity in education, supported by the national organizations. They take an active part in the civil society. The role played differs from country […]

Diversity in Education 2011

Our intension is, on the one hand, to illustrate the pressure the independent schools and there national organizations face in the different European Countries today as a result of political […]

Parental Rights in Education Antwerp, 2012

Conference on Parental Rights in Education “The Right to and the Freedom of Education / The regime of free choice of denominational and non-denominational schools”  

Annual Conference Berlin 2010

ECNAIS Held it’s Annual Conference in Berlin Special opinion and interests in the role of independent education The Association of Hungarian Independent Schools disseminated a document about the situation of […]

AGM 2015

The Annual General Meeting of the Association took place in the AKG on the 9th of May. You can reed all the material wich are available in English. ECNAIS presentation […]

Leonardo Partnership Program

Leonardo Partnership Program Our Association has won the support of the Tempus Public Foundation for participation in the NETVET Project. The Project aims to form cooperation between institutions providing vocational […]

About Us

The Association of Hungarian Independent Schools Some 2500 kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, technical colleges, trade schools and colleges operate in Hungary in the maintenance of abt 1000 foundations, associations, […]